Everyone who loves Stranger Things loves David Harbour. The actor has endeared himself to fans by playing the Sheriff of Hawkins, Jim Hopper and the rough persona coupled with the kind heart makes him one of the show’s most popular characters. However, as seen in the season finale, things are not quite as simple now as they were before. So if you haven’t seen the finale, then I should warn you, spoilers ahead.
In the last episode of this season, Jim Hopper appears to die to save the day and the death was a heavy one. No one expected anyone to die, and unlike Bob Newby’s death in the last season, Hopper was an essential character. So now the fans are questioning whether this means we would see the broad-chested sheriff again in the show or was that goodbye? And as it would be, we are asking the same question.

Will We See David Harbour in Stranger Things Season 4? 1

Well first things first, there do appear to plan for a new season although there has not been any official announcement. This comes out a few statements and interviews where the cast has exclaimed that the show will continue, so the article continues with that premise.
David Harbour appears to have a contract in place if the studio greenlights the 4th season, as stated by TVLine founder Michael Ausiello, and there is also a substantial chance the deal goes beyond even the 4th season. This would come as excellent news to the Stranger Things fan base as that would mean the chances of him returning are plenty.
Also, the very idea of killing such a prominent character just does not bode well for such a series. In most media, there are ways for people to return and for a series that relies so heavily on elements of fantasy and fiction; it would not be surprising if Harbour returned to the fold in the 4th season of the show.
However, there is one thing that might throw a spanner into the works. Harbour is increasingly becoming a very prominent star, and with roles in the Hellboy franchise as the titular character and the upcoming Black Widow movie, we may assume that this might pose problems for later appearances and that was why his character was killed off.
Stranger Things fans would be hoping that is not true and they will, like us, be praying for the Duffer Brothers to bring back our favorite chief of police.


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