Millie Bobby Brown has had one of those stories where a child star shoots into stardom just like a Hollywood musical. Her role as Eleven on the show “Stranger Things” has made her famous worldwide and has garnered both praise and love from fans and celebrities alike. Recently she revealed that Drake himself is not only a fan of her work but that the duo is quite close. She even told media how at the time they text each other affectionate messages which also include “I miss you” and “I miss you more” texts.
The fact that Millie is friends with Drake is by no means surprising and nor is the fact that the singer is impressed by the young starlet as there is absolutely no doubt over the talent that she has. However, with the recent reevaluation of the dynamics between men and women, there has to be a certain level of scrutiny applied to every situation. Here the question more or less centers around a far older man, in his 30s, texting a teenage girl and not only does it seem like this is a constant thing but rather the content of the messages is also pretty affectionate for an association that is based on such an age difference.
For some, it might hold no meaning other than a couple of friends telling each other that they like each other’s company, especially given the celebrity status of both parties in this exchange. However, if viewed without considering their situation, what we see is a very older man engaging in very substantive interactions with a far younger girl. Millie was also quoted as saying that she sought “advice about boys” from Drake and that begs further questioning as to whether it is appropriate for her to be guided by an older man? The question also takes into account whether girls, in general, should rely on the advice of far older men to make decisions regarding their prospective relationships even if the person in question is a famous rapper?
Millie talking to Drake alone does not raise eyebrows, but the content and the context of the interactions poses questions that are hard to answer.


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