Finally the 3rd season of Stranger Things has been released by Netflix. The new season was packed with nostalgia, Steve in a sailor suit, gross disintegrating rats, a heartbreaking loss, and some excellent hair. In the recent times, characters’ hairstyles can show more about the character than initially might meet the eye. Lets go into a little deeper dive into what exactly a certain look might mean.

Stranger Things hairstylist Sarah Hindsgaul talked to Glamour about how she created the hairstyles for Eleven, Max, Nancy, and Joyce this season—and where she drew inspiration from for her ’80s looks. Let’s take a look.

Max (Sadie Sink)

All the Hidden Messages in the Hairstyles on Stranger Things 1

Mad Max debuted in the second season of Stranger Things. Her family moved to Hawkins from California and she did not bold with El right off the bat. However in the third season they became best friends who love to shop at the mall and talk about the boys. Like her friend, Max is growing up and taking more interest in her appearance.

“When Max arrived in Hawkins she was very skater, very relaxed, very tomboy, middle-parted [hair], very ‘I don’t care at all,'” Hindsgaul says. “But this year they are figuring out boys and all that comes with that, looking yourself in the mirror a little bit.” That’s why she decided to change up Max’s style, keeping her loose and casual, but using mousse to scrunch up her natural curls and add texture.

All the Hidden Messages in the Hairstyles on Stranger Things 2

“They’re still too young to be getting perms,” she says, “but we still wanted to have that summer vibe of what the hair does in humidity when you just run around outside. There’s still that kid aspect [to their lives].” Though she did cut Sadie’s hair shorter and add layers to give the look more movement, along with a bit of a flip to one side. “I think it’s super cute, and it makes sense for that year,” she says. “It’s more styled and a little cooler, without being done.

Naturally Max has a technicolor scrunchie collection to match her colorful wardrobe. “We found some greens and yellows that look beautiful in hair,” Hindsgaul says. “It’s the most stunning hair, ever.”

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)

All the Hidden Messages in the Hairstyles on Stranger Things 3

Undoubtedly El has gone through the biggest transformation on the show. In the first season, her head was shaved and she hadn’t been exposed to the world. But in season 3 she’s a full-blown teenager having sleepovers with Max, romancing with Mike and having arguments with her new dad Hopper.

Millie and Hindsgaul discussed about the length of her hair for this season early on because they wanted to make sure it shows how much time had passed within the series. She gave the actress a really blunt cut so that there was a thick bottom layer to show off her natural curls. She also gave her some highlights to show the season’s summertime setting and indicate that Eleven was spending a lot of time outside.

All the Hidden Messages in the Hairstyles on Stranger Things 4


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